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Fred Smoot Endorses His First Round Draft Choice

When you were a guy who fell out of the first round in the NFL Draft like Fred Smoot was, you understand maybe a little better than most what it's like for a prospect like Robert Nkemdiche. Smoot joins The Audible to talk about this and...just about everything else.

Larry French/Getty Images

A few years ago, I was sitting in a bar with Fred Smoot and Shawn Springs, doing an NFL draft show on the night of the first round. It was the 2013 draft, and the Redskins were without a first round pick. Everyone knew the story about Tyrann Mathieu, and everyone knew that he was falling like a rock from the top of the draft. The Redskins were sitting at pick #51 in the second round, and most people were predicting a selection to boost the secondary.

Fred Smoot had only one name on his mind that night: Tyrann Mathieu. Like pretty much everyone else there that night, I laughed off the idea of our Redskins circus adding this guy to the show. I just thought it was a terrible idea, mostly because I didn't see a guy like Mathieu coming to this place and solving whatever problems needed to be solved. Fred disagreed.

Fred insisted this guy was the perfect pick for the Redskins. He was definitely going to be the best player available, and Smoot said he would be good right away. Well...he was right.

This year, Fred locks on to another player that at one time was looking like a very, very early pick in the first round. I brought up the Mathieu anecdote and asked him if this was the same kind of thing.

In addition to providing great perspective, Fred delivers great personality and passion every time we get to talk to him. On behalf of Tim and Kevin, I want to say thank you to Fred for chatting with us last night on the outskirts of Bethesda.

And thanks for listening, y'all!