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This Former Redskins Linebacker Has a Soft Spot for Vinny Cerrato

If a general manager drafted you, it might make you fond of him. We respect Robert Henson for respecting the man (Vinny Cerrato) who gave him his first NFL job.

Handout/Getty Images

Longtime friend of Hogs Haven and former Washington Redskins linebacker Robert Henson joined The Audible last night. We of course hit on the draft, but one thing I wanted to know was his personal experience of being a player that was almost certainly going to be drafted. What were teams telling him? What did he expect was going to happen?

On behalf of Kevin, Tim and myself, I want to thank Robert for sitting down with us, and I want to thank Mike Horan for hosting us in his bar on the outskirts of Bethesda. We are absolutely an "outskirts" kind of show.