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5 Key Facts About Scot McCloughan's Drafts

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Get to know a bit about the tendencies of Scot McCloughan, in NFL Drafts that he's either run, or had significant input in.


- Scout for the Green Bay Packers from 1994-1999

- Seattle Seahawks Director of College Scouting from 2000-2004

- San Francisco 49ers GM/VP of Player Personnel from 2005-2009

- Senior Executive for the Seattle Seahawks from 2010-2013, and played a big role in the draft under GM John Schneider

- Scot enters 2016 in his second year as GM for the Washington Redskins

- 2016 will be the 10th NFL Draft where Scot has had significant, if not final, say

5 Draft Trends of McCloughan:

1) Seems to favor SEC and BIG10 players: Last year, in his first year as GM of the Redskins, he chose 5 SEC players, and 2 from the BIG10.

2) Likes DB's and WR: Teams McCloughan has been a part of have drafted have drafted 34 DB's and 27 WR's. Of the 9 WR's that McCloughan drafted, all but 2 were at least 6'0" tall.

3) Believes it's a Big Man's Game: McCloughan once said, "I'll never lose sight of this, and maybe I'm a dinosaur in this, but it's a big man's game. That's from the standpoint of holding up through a season durability-wise, but also in the playoffs. You have to have some size and some power and strength, I think, to be a contender year in and year out."

4) Not a fan of Centers?: In drafts he's been a part of, Scot has never drafted a center in the first round, and has only drafted 4 overall.

5) Leary of underclassmen?: Scot prefers seniors. In a recent interview, he stated, "From my standpoint, we’re going to scout them this year, we’re going to scout them next year," McCloughan said. "Either way it’s the same. But if a guy’s an even junior or redshirt sophomore and a senior, I’d take the senior, a guy that fulfilled his commitment. But still, it’s understandable these underclassmen are really talented guys."

So what, if anything, does this tell you about the 2016 draft?