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Washington Redskins 2016 Draft Profiles: Jon Schnaars, WR

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2016 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins.

Jon Schnaars, WR
School: East Stroudsburg | Conference: Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference
College Experience: Senior | Age: 22? 23?
Height / Weight: 6-2 / 210 lbs
Projected Draft Status: Late Rounds or UDFA
NFL Comparison: Steve Johnson

College Statistics

Player Overview

Jon Schnaars set fire to the East Stroudsburg campus this season (figuratively) setting career highs and school records. Schnarrs was named a consensus 1st team All-American after dominating Division II opposition. Schnaars was obviously the go-to target at East Stroudsburg and ran every route under the sun there. He uses his size and athletic ability exceptionally well to embarrass and shake corners, create space to make a tough catch, or burn them entirely. Schnaars actually has attended 3 Pro Days: Penn State, Temple, and Villanova. Ironically he seemed to be there in just a catching capacity for the quarterbacks because I can't find his Pro Day results anywhere. Nonetheless, Schnaars appears to pass the athletic eye test via his tape is most likely suited for a possession / X receiver role in the NFL.


  • Impressive footwork and body control. Routes are extra crispy.
  • Good size for the position with good jumping ability and catch radius. Uses his body to box out and create space.
  • Ability to make tough contested catches. He is aware and looks to get his foot down in bounds when catching the ball.
  • A+ effort player who is willing to fight for the ball and win. Fights for extra yards and is always looking to score.
  • Natural hands catcher.


  • Doesn't look to have elite athletic ability. While his jumping ability is impressive he could struggle on get offs when the ball is snapped. The eye test says he's probably a 4.5-4.6 guy.
  • Will have to prove he can hang with the bigger, fast, more physical corners in the NFL as opposed to D2 guys.
  • Blocking ability? Not sure since he was a featured part of the offense. Unfortunately I can't find full East Stroudsburg games online.

Let's see his work:

Update: Numbers!

How He Would Fit in the Redskins

Jon Schnaars didn't just have a breakout season in 2015. He dominated the competition. 100+ receptions, 1600+ yards, and 20+ touchdowns require work and effort no matter the division of football you're in. I really wish I could have provided athletic measurables for Schnaars. It would have helped this profile and helped you guys make a judgment on the him. Despite no hard numbers Schnaars appears big enough, athletic enough, and fast enough to carve out a role for himself on an NFL team. Wide receiver is one of the richest positions in terms of talent and bodies in the NFL so Schnaars will have his work cut out for him whether he is drafted or not. Schnaars, however, strikes me as the type of guy that could, at a minimum, tough it out on a practice squad for a year or two before he is called up for his opportunity. I won't say a late round / undrafted guy could be the heir to Pierre Garcon's role on the team, but the history of late round receivers with high production coming out of college smiles upon Schnaars. 

He is a tough player that is capable of running every route and he plays with a high football I.Q. If drafted I believe Schnaars could challenge players like Ryan Grant, and Andre Roberts for a roster spot. He's a hard working guy who set high goals for himself this season and blew them out of the water. Teams are sure to love his toughness and determination as well as his talent and production. Schnaars just needs to prove he can handle less glamorous duties in the NFL (special teams) to eventually get a shot at his big break.