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Everything You Need To Know Going Into the Redskins Draft

Steve Shoup discusses NFL draft with Hogs Haven on The Audible.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

In addition to providing great Redskins content here on Hogs Haven, Steve Shoup is a renowned draftnik. His scouting and analysis are spot on, and Fanspeak's On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator is simply loads of fun.

As is our custom this time of year, we like to get Steve talking about the upcoming draft and get out of his way. We put him through the rigors in a rather wide-ranging discussion. We got to most of the scenarios and questions from the comments, but Steve has said that any we missed along with any more you have can be discussed below.

Inherent in every conversation about the draft is the realization that our guy, McLovin, might be one of the best guys in the business at picking players. We talk about that and what kind of player he is looking for at various spots in the draft. For the low, low cost of absolutely nothing, we also throw in some spirited scouting of the on-air draft experts. (SPOILER ALERT: Mel Kiper makes the best next door neighbor.)

When should we target offensive skill players? Which position has the most to offer in the late rounds? Who is better marriage material: Bobby Beahard or Charley Casserly? We tackle these pressing issues and more in the first episode of our newest series: The Basement Interviews.

Thanks as always for listening and joining the conversation.