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Redskins Sign CB Greg Toler to One-Year Deal

More veteran secondary help is on the way.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins secondary is thin.  So they've decided to bring in former Colt CB Greg Toler.  Toler (31, 6', 190 lbs.) is a DC native who was drafted in the fourth round by the Cardinals back in '09.  He was with new Redskin OLB Coach Greg Manusky in Indianapolis as a starter for the past three seasons (Manusky was the DC there).

The 'Skins obviously need more help in the secondary with Chris Culliver and Kyshoen Jarrett recovering from serious injury.  They did re-sign Will Blackmon, but he could be playing more S than CB this coming season...  The draft is only about two weeks away and the team could (and almost certainly will) also look for more secondary help then.