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Rumors Swirl Around Kam Chancellor to Redskins? Stay Tuned!

Will the Redskins and Seahawks work out a deal to send Kam Chancellor to the nation's capital?

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Well, we have been talking about the possibility of Kam Chancellor being shopped by the Seahawks. We have talked about the Redskins, you know...needing safeties.

Put those two together, and we just might be seeing one of our most coveted potential outcomes play out. Rumors continue to swirl around the possible trade destination for the safety that hasn't seen eye-to-eye with the Seahawks franchise for some time.

This post is more for discussion purposes. Let's say the Redskins swap out of the second round, and add an extra fourth rounder for the right to add Kam Chancellor to the defense. Are you okay with that?

I was sure this was going to cost us a player. The fact that it might not speaks volumes about the toxic situation in Seattle between the organization and the player.

Oh yeah...and this. (Kam is a huge Sean Taylor fan.)

P.S. This article is from January...a certain someone felt like this just...might...happen! Stay tuned!