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The Washington Redskins Makin' It Rain In Free Agency--First 36 Hours

Dan Snyder loves this time of year...when he gets to make it rain!

UPDATE: Well, the quarterback situation seems solidified, with Colt McCoy agreeing to terms to remain the head caddy on the sidelines. I think we all love this, and it is the kind of move that reflects the nature of our very own McLovin. He is taking care of our guys first. Add Kedric Golston and Mason Foster to the story and you are seeing what--stay with me here--professional organizations do. When we add a big signing--assuming we add at least one--it will be an additiont to what WE do, and who WE have already. (So that's what they mean by stability and continuity...weird.) we are once again. I love that we get to use this picture that Kevin Ewoldt created when we first started covering free agency here at Hogs Haven. What's up Kevin!!!

Even though we fully expect the Redskins to be cost-conscious as we move through free agency, there will no doubt be the one guy we sign that you either think we paid too much to get, or that you didn't expect to come here...for a variety of reasons. Let's get that debate started now!

We will keep this post updated throughout the next 36 hours, and will most likely also do stories as individual players are signed.

Stay tuned!