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Redskins Release S Dashon Goldson

Leadership will only get you so far...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins have just saved a bunch of money by releasing S Dashon Goldson.  It's been a busy day for the team to say the least.

Goldson was a starter and leader of the team last year after being acquired last off-season in a trade with the Bucs.  He was consistently praised for being one of the leaders of this team.  Still, his play was OK at best and his outstanding leadership was not enough to overcome that.  He was banged up a lot and will be 32 prior to next season.

The Redskins were said to have liked him and may have wanted to retain him for another year, but his $8M price tag was simply too much to swallow.  I guess he wasn't down with taking less to stay on the team.  The move saves the team the entire $8M with no dead money.