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Robert Griffin III Released By Redskins

Once the face of the franchise, Robert Griffin III has been released by the Washington Redskins.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we knew this day was coming, but were we really prepared for the emotion of this news?

I have to admit, I am not happy about this happening, despite my full knowledge of its necessity. Losing #10 from our present and our future closes a sad chapter of our past. Robert Griffin III rode into Washington on a wave of hope, excitement and sizzle. No matter how foolish you thought the trade with St. Louis was, you were probably right there with the rest of us riding the train in 2012.

Count me among those who argued hard against making the deal to move up, but also count me as a fan who got past that sentiment and got fully behind the quarterback that was so exciting to watch. I was there at the Seattle playoff game at FedEx, watching a rookie signal caller lead my favorite team in a home postseason affair. I know who to thank for that, and his name rhymes with Schmiffin.

I don't celebrate the release of RG3 in any way, but that shouldn't prevent me or us from recognizing and appreciating the growth of this organization. RG3 was our entire life (as fans) for what now seems like a flash. People called him Black Jesus for God's sake. He was burdened with the title of savior for a team that simply needed far more than one talented player to change its fortunes.

Letting Griffin go was never going to be an easy decision or a comfortable feeling. Beyond moving on from the player, releasing RG3 is an important step for an organization moving on from a culture of dysfunction. This culture was not Griffin's fault, but he was sucked up into it nonetheless.

You want to talk about taking medicine? Try swallowing two first rounders and a second rounder---actually, now we can officially say three first rounders, since Griffin is now part of that sunk cost.

I look forward to moving on with the guys we have, most notably Kirk Cousins, but I will not come close to celebrating the release of a player that at one time, represented everything we had to look forward to as a fanbase.

I wish Robert Griffin III the best. I hope he continues on in his career and plays meaningful football--unless he ends up in Dallas. All bets are off at that point!!