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Cutting Bait - Redskins Potential Cap Casualties

Which Redskins will be given the pink slip within the next few days?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We should be seeing some subtractions to the Redskins roster within the next few days. As cuts from around the league keep coming into the news wire, I expect the Skins will be doing some of their own spring clean-up before the start of free agency on Wednesday.

Like every good housekeeper, you gotta get rid of the old, to make room for the new, and we surely have a lot of worn out items that can/should be replaced.

Below is a list of potential cuts and restructures the Redskins can make to free up some extra cap room(data from spotrac):

Potential Cuts:

Robert Griffin III - $16,155,000/savings: This one is pretty obvious.

Pierre Garcon(29) - $8,000,000/savings: An $8 million savings for a receiver who has under-produced, and is almost 30 - this should be a pretty easy decision.

Jason Hatcher(33) - $4,234,375/savings: Hopefully he decides to retire, but if he returns, he should be released.

Perry Riley(27) - $4,000,000/savings - I think the Redskins are looking to go in another direction at inside linebacker. Riley is a good run-plugger, but he struggles in coverage.

Shawn Lauvao(28) - $3,000,000/savings - The ankle surgeries have to scare the front office, plus we have younger players waiting in the wings.

Andre Roberts(28) - $3,000,000/savings - Roberts was beaten out by rookie Jamison Crowder. All the Redskins need to do is make this official.

Kory Lichtensteiger(30) - $2,950,000/savings - Licht is a below-average center who will be 31. Nothing to see here.

Adam Hayward(31) - $885,000/savings - Hayward is a good special teams guy, but that can be easily replaced.

Total Potential Savings: $42,224,375

Kirk Cousins Tag: $19,953,000

Real Savings After Cousins Adjustment: $22,271,375

Potential Re-Structures:

Pierre Garcon - 2016 cap hit/: $10,200,000 - If Garcon is not cut, he should at least be restructured. He's not worth the money he is making.

DeSean Jackson - 2016 cap hit: $9,250,000 - He's only under contract for one more season, but the Redskins could make him an offer to hang around for another with a re-structure/extension through 2017.

Dashon Goldson - 2016 cap hit: $8,000,000 - Goldson played well with the Redskins last season, but his $8 million salary is too high for a player on the down-side of his career. He could be a candidate to be released, then re-signed for a lower amount.

*The 2016 salary cap jumped to $155.27 million. The Redskins are able to carry over $5.8 million in unused space from 2015.