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Jay Gruden Says Griffin Will "Impact" NFL Team

Will Robert Griffin III make an impact in the NFL in 2016? His former coach (the one that chose Kirk Cousins instead of him) seems to think so.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I have to say that I am happy to hear this coming out of Jay Gruden today:

"I just think he had a couple injuries which hampered his ability to perform at the high level that he was his rookie year. I think he's fully healthy now and I think he's ready to compete and he can do the zone read and he can run the bootlegs and all that stuff that make him effective outside the pocket, but I think eventually he's going to have to continue to master the drop-back passing game in the NFL, which he's continued to do and he will do. You have to be mentally tough and confident, and handle adversity and Robert's gone through some now and I think he's going to come out of it on the good end." (ESPN)

I'll give it to Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden...on one hand, it is easy to say good things about someone you just broke up with when you get to keep the dog, and the house, and the Playstation. On the other hand, there has to be some sense of tongue-biting, as clearly there seemed to be a HUGE disconnect between this coach and this player.

For my part, I think Robert Griffin III will be starting on a team in 2016, and potentially out of training camp. Now, that could be because of an injury, or a rookie not-yet-ready for prime time, or yes, even due to an honest competition. Whatever the knocks on him, we know that in a short-term scenario, he very well could help a team in a major way. He has gifts that most quarterbacks will never have. He has a competitive drive, and he will likely find a team that is at the very least going to give him a look this summer as a possible starter.

The odds are likely not in his favor at this point, as I just don't know where he fits. I can see him running Chip Kelly's offense, but not until they decide to trade Colin Kaepernick. Do you really see him in Cleveland? Think that through. Hue Jackson is looking to stay a head coach in this league. They will likely sign off on a rookie in the draft, meaning he has a few years to see what that player can do. Has anyone ever accused RG3 of being a mentor? He wants to play now, not help a rookie onto the field ahead of him. The Jets and the Browns have both seemed to use Griffin as leverage in their pursuit of other players (Ryan Fitzpatrick and Colin Kaepernick, respectively).

Do you think John Elway has sincere interest in letting Griffin attempt to resuscitate his career on a defending Super Bowl championship roster? (This might turn out to be his best chance, but it seems like a long shot that he will get it.)

I'm with Coach Gruden. I think Griffin will impact a team this season, but at the moment, I am stuck to explain where that impact will be made.

Can anyone help me out here? And remember, don't argue why RG3 would be great somewhere...argue why the team should give Griffin the chance to be great there.