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Which Redskins 30 for 30 Documentary Would You Watch?

Kevin, Tim and Ken each record their own promo for a potential Redskins documentary in the famed 30 for 30 series.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In an effort to prove to Hogs Haven that if you ask us to record something, we will do it...this happened.

Last night in the ol' basement studio, Kevin, Tim and I each recorded a 30 for 30 promo for our proposed Redskins documentaries. The idea, suggested by YOUR SkinsNJ, gave us a chance to consider what part of the past would make for the most fertile ground for a cool 30 for 30 piece. We did not consult each other to ensure that we didn't duplicate storylines, but that proved to be unnecessary. Every single one of these ideas is based on real history--which is to say we did not go back and make stuff up for the purposes of our promo. There is a twist at the end of one of them, but again, the foundations of these are all rooted in actual events and timelines.

We're tallying likes on these tracks, and I have also included a poll to vote. Please indicate which one(s) you would watch with your vote and with your "like."

As with all things in the basement studio, music is important. Tim's song probably matched his promo idea best. For your consideration: "Simply Sonny."

As I mentioned in the Sixpack comments section, if you give Kevin Ricca an assignment like this, he is going to dig in and fill a notepad. I am convinced there is a room in his house straight out of the movie, "A Beautiful Mind." For your consideration: "Straight Outta RFK: The Hustle."

As for me, I stayed a lot more recent, and went with a storyline much closer to my heart. Rounding out our trio of promo entries, and for your consideration: "Beam Me Up, Scotty."

Thanks again for listening. Our weekly Redskins segment is coming out next.