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Washington Redskins 2016 Draft Profiles: Canaan Severin, WR

Hogs Haven takes a look at 2016 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins.

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Canaan Severin, WR
School: Virginia | Conference: ACC
College Experience: Senior | Age: 23
Height / Weight: 6-2 / 212 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 5th or 6th Round
NFL Comparison: Anquan Boldin

College Statistics

Player Overview

Canaan Severin is tough. That's a fact. He uses his size and body to make tough contested catches. He has strong reliable hands and did a lot of dirty work for the Cavilers offense over the past two seasons. He has no shortage of big plays either. He's put together an impressive highlight reel showcasing his physical abilities and football IQ. He's one of the most underrated receiving prospects in this year's draft in my view, and in my research its been hard to find what experts think about him. If his projected draft position holds true he could be one of the better value picks in this years draft. He's a savvy, scrappy player that turns tough catches into positive gains or first downs. Defenders will rarely outwork him when the ball is in the air. It appears Severin ran a pretty complete route tree while at Virginia so he can be used in a number of ways in an NFL offense. He has great athletic ability and though he isn't a track star he will find a way to make plays.

Off the field Severin has had to deal with illness and manage his health. He has the sickle cell trait. It's nothing debilitating but he has had to take care of himself over the past view years so his stamina and performance on the football field wouldn't be affected. He mentioned when he was younger he would just pretend he didn't have it and deal with the consequences. Once arriving in Charlottesville he got serious about it and one of the way's he keeps himself in top condition is he eats the same meal of brown rice, a spinach salad, and chicken breast day in and day out.


  • Great size and tough, passionate, and competitive nature.
  • Strong hands, he can go up and get it. He's a natural hands catcher plucking the ball out of the air instead of body catching.
  • Ran a comprehensive route tree at Virginia. Looks to have a solid understanding of route concepts and runs them well.
  • Makes the tough contested catches. Adjusts and contorts his body and will high point the ball to come down with it. He has the demeanor and the body type to absorb the punishment he might take.
  • Plays with good situational awareness. He knows where the 1st down markers are. He knows to get one (or two) feet down near the sideline etc.
  • Consistent ascending production in college career.


  • Doesn't possess elite speed probably runs in the 4.6-4.7 range.
  • He was a featured part of Virginia's offense so he wasn't asked to run block much, in the couple plays I've seen where he has he looked competitive but could work on it.
  • Not a quick twitch fancy footwork agile guy. He isn't a robot either he just doesn't have above average ability to make defenders miss after the catch.

Let's see his work: 

How He Would Fit on the Redskins

Full disclosure as I mentioned in the overview Severin could be one of those obscure guys that ends up going higher in the draft than you think. He is mysteriously overlooked and didn't get an invite to the NFL Combine which is strange when all 3 Cincinnati wide receivers were invited along with a whole other group of guys who lack the production and good things on tape Severin has – but I digress. It's been hard trying to find a solid draft range for him. CBS sports has him listed as undrafted which is definitely not correct.

Severin might not be an elite athlete or check all the boxes but he for sure checks most of them. He has the size, toughness, hands, route running, and good enough speed to carve out a role as a reliable possession receiver. He strikes me as a guy that would catch on with an NFL team and carve out a starting role sooner rather than later. In the never ending offseason debate about Pierre Garcon it's seemingly clear that likely after the 2016 season the Redskins will be looking to the future for players who can fill that possession role. If drafted by the Redskins Severin might not contribute much if at all to the receiving game but he is a player that has the ability and is smart enough to eventually take over that position. Severin has a lot to like about him and I think his success in the NFL will only be determined by opportunity.