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Todd McShay Mocks Jarran Reed to Redskins

Yet another mock draft, yet another defensive tackle sent to Washington. In his latest mock, Todd McShay gives Jarran Reed, the Alabama product, to the Redskins.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I am settling nicely into a groove this mock draft season. Like the groove in my favorite chair, it is both comfortable and ever-present. Unlike the groove in my favorite chair, this mock draft groove is the size of a defensive lineman.

Another week, another mock draft, another defensive lineman sent to Washington by one of the prominent mockers. This week, it's Jarran Reed coming to town, courtesy of Todd McShay:

Reed has the skill set to be the centerpiece in a 3-4 front. At 6-foot-3 and 307 pounds, the Crimson Tide product maintains great leverage and is hard to move off the ball. While he is never going to be a consistent threat to rush the passer from the interior, Reed maintains very good gap discipline versus the run, showing the ability to beat double-teams and penetrate the backfield. (

I wanted to say that seeing Mark Tyler mock us Eli Apple, the corner out of Ohio State was refreshing. I like that it is still an investment in our defense, and I see a player like starting for the Redskins immediately. I liked even more when Mark found a probable starting DL in the second round (the third round DL selection was almost Vinnyesque, Mark, but your explanation kept me with you). Most of the other folks in the national media are sending us a parade of big, fat guys that play a mean and nasty game in the trenches. This also makes me happy, as we are all starting to understand that even at #21, we will likely have the chance to draft a blue-chip DL prospect.

Where are all the Jarran Reed guys on the site? I feel like I have seen that name in quite a few mocks in our comments section.