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Sat. Slop: Finalizing a free agency plan

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day

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Redskins propose rule changes, still want replay on personal fouls | ESPN Redskins Blog

Subjecting personal foul penalties to instant replay review: My take: No problem with this one, either. These are impactful calls, and there are times when re-watching a hit -- on a quarterback, for example -- where you think, "No way." Also, there is a proposal that would lead to a player being ejected for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in one game. You'd better make sure they're legit. But the problem is that this penalty can be subjective (there are definitely triggers that make it easier for officials to call).

Kirk Cousins says he won't change even with $20 million deal | ESPN Redskins Blog

"I understand all perspectives on the issue," he said. "I, as a fan, would understand why you'd say 'take a discount.' It certainly opens up salary cap space; it's gonna make it a lot easier on a general manager, on a team, to be able to have success. I understand where they're coming from. It's a little more complicated than that, but everybody's entitled to their own opinion and I'm certainly not gonna tell them that they have to think a certain way."

Redskins need Kendell Reyes to rediscover early performances | ESPN Redskins Blog

Overall: He'll be part of the rotation and should be viewed accordingly; in other words, it's not as if they're counting on him to start. But he'll add depth and provide experience. He received a fair deal, considering his performance, and he does have some ability. He's younger, and that's good. In a situational role, perhaps he can be more effective.

Alfred Morris to visit the Cowboys | CSN Washington

Need to know: How many Redskins starters are on the roster now? | CSN Washington

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