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Redskins GM - Who's Your Pick at 21?

You be the GM of the Redskins.

We come to pick 21 in the 2016 NFL draft. You are on the clock. There is no trade option on the table. You must select a player at this spot in the draft.

Assume no more "major" free agent signings are made. After your selection, you must go in front of the media and justify your pick. Below are a group of players who fill needs on this team who are available when it's your turn to pick.

I gave you 10 selections below. If your favorite player is not listed, he's either gone, or he's someone who is not projected to go that high.

Select your player, and tell us why you chose them in the comments section.


Jarran Reed  DT  Alabama  6'3" 307

Eli Apple  CB  Ohio St.  6'1" 200

Ryan Kelly  C  Alabama  6'4" 311

Reggie Ragland  LB  Alabama  6'1" 247

Robert Nkemdiche  DT  Miss  6'3" 295

Kenny Clark  DT  UCLA  6'3" 314

Josh Doctson  WR  TCU  6'3" 202

Will Fuller  WR  ND  6'0" 187

Austin Johnson  DT  PSU  6'4" 314

Jaylon Smith  LB  ND  6'2" 225