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R-E-L-A-X...Kirk Cousins and the Redskins Will Reach a Deal

Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins will reach a long term deal because both sides need each other and because both sides are smart enough to understand that.

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Dear Mitch,

If you're reading this, than you already know...the Redskins franchise-tagged Kirk Cousins.

Love, Frank

Alright, everyone...we're here. We are at the place where we realistically expected to be, and we must not forget that this does not derail all sides from the end goal: to get a long-term contract signed by Kirk Cousins. The outcome that becomes theoretically possible today is that this contract could come from a team not named the Redskins.

I continue to believe that is not going to happen, and here's why:

You know how, in the past, we had little faith in the folks in Washington's front office to make our team better in a responsible and sustainable way? (You remember how we loved it when they sought out the least responsible and least sustainable ways to attempt this? SERENITY NOW!!!) McLovin is not going to let a couple million bucks stand in the way of the long term development of the Washington Redskins. He won't. Jay Gruden and McLovin are where they are right this second due at least partly to the play of Kirk Cousins. The continued development of this team depends on stability under center, and the team has already invested heavily just getting to this point with Kirk.

As for Kirk Cousins, I have supreme confidence in his intellect. Here's why I think his intellect helps everyone. NOBODY knows better what a team looks like from the inside when it has limited salary cap space and a lack of first round picks than Kirk Cousins (there are some ties, but nobody knows better). Few quarterbacks have witnessed firsthand what happens when a team is limited in what they can surround a "franchise player" with than Kirk Cousins.

The Redskins salary cap penalty and lack of first round draft picks contributed to the demise of Robert Griffin III. We can all argue about to what degree this is true, but there is no denying it is true. You think Kirk Cousins wants to be the reason why his own team is hamstrung in its abilities to improve the roster around him? You think Kirk Cousins wants to be the reason his team can't add blue-chip prospects at the top of the NFL Draft, which is where, consequently, you find the kind of offensive linemen necessary to keep quarterbacks from being maimed and killed?

If a team makes a hard run at Cousins in the next few months, it will cost that team a fortune. In addition to meeting potentially...high...contract demands from Kirk's camp, this team will also have to forfeit two first-round draft picks. That means Kirk would be knowingly headed to a situation where he KNOWS (from witnessing it up close) the team will face sizable obstacles in its efforts to help him win.

In Jay Gruden and McLovin, Kirk Cousins has two franchise guys that are interested in helping him develop BEYOND where he ended up last season. By virtue of every other team being a "different place" (crazy concept), it is inherently impossible for anyone else to offer Kirk Cousins the chance to pick up where he left off at the end of last season.

The Redskins and Kirk Cousins need each other, whether you ever hear those words from them or not. The success--both immediate and future--of both parties rides on them continuing to build what they have started...TOGETHER.

If history teaches us nothing else, it is that between now and July 15th, a lot of stupid headlines, crazy rumors and outlandish predictions will take place. And that is just at Hogs Haven. Stay tuned and buckle up. It's going to be a wild ride, but at the end of the day, I just see this situation resolving itself in a responsible, adult fashion. That might make me the dumbest human being alive (but only if you don't know all the other reasons why that would be the case).