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Redskins General Manager - You Make the Call

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It is the year 2016. The Washington Redskins have just been formally accepted into the NFL as a brand new expansion team. The owner is Donald Trump(who did not become president). You were a life-long friend of Mr. Trump's, and he has hired you to be the new GM of his expansion franchise.

In this fictional scenario, you get to be the GM for the Redskins. However, there is a glass slipper in this fairytale.

Rules: You are starting as a brand new NFL franchise. You are able to select THREE players to start your franchise. These players can be past or present(sorry, no current college studs, or players who have yet to enter the league). List the three players you would take in the comments section, and give a brief description on why you chose those players for your brand new Redskins. You can assume your three selections are just entering the prime of their career.

Feel free to debate others selections against your own in friendly discussion!