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Sunday Slop: Combine and Free Agency news

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A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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New Report suggests why Kirk Cousins hasn't signed with the Redskins yet | CSN Washington

While $12.5 million a year sounds incredible to regular folks, that's a lowball offer to an elite NFL quarterback, which is what Cousins expects to be paid like. Especially considering Cousins stands to make at least $17 million playing under the transition tag or nearly $20 million on the franchise tag. Yes, those deals are one-year guarantees, so perhaps a player would take less for long-term security, but not by that much.

Need to know: Enemy intel - Can the Cowboys afford to use the 4th overall pick on Romo's replacement? | CSN

Cowboys' Jason Garrett doesn't have much to say about DE Greg Hardy—It's apparent that the Cowboys coach is counting down the days until March 9, when the names of his team and Hardy are no longer associated with each other. At the NFL Combine, Garrett was asked about the status of Hardy, who had six sacks in 12 games but just 1.5 in the Cowboys' last six games and created a lot of distractions along the way. The coach's response was a frosty, "Greg Hardy's a free agent." With Hardy gone, at least if Garrett has anything to say about it, and Randy Gregory suspended for the first four games after he failed four (four!) drug tests in 2015, the Cowboys may have to look for a pass rusher with their top draft pick, No. 4 overall, rather than trying to get Tony Romo's successor.

Should the Redskins be happy that they have limited cap space? | CSN Washington

The best way to spend cap money is on retaining your own good players. But other than Cousins the Redskins don't have any free agents they must keep. They might work out a contract extension with tight end Jordan Reed, who is slated to become a free agent in a year. But their other young, rising players, such as G Brandon Scherff, OLB Preston Smith, and CB Bashaud Breeland aren't yet eligible to get new deals.

Redskins uncomfortable with price tag, seek options with Kirk Cousins | ESPN Redskins Blog

Is the transition tag better?: I don't think so and nobody I've talked to outside the organization does either. But it is a possibility. Off the top of my head, I don't remember any team ever using the transition tag on a quarterback. The cost is lower, of course. But the Redskins then let another team do their bidding and structure it in a way that, if they do match, it could leave them in a bad spot for a couple seasons. Of course, if the market does not unfold the way Cousins hopes, then it could work.

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