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IH8 Takes Over The Audible; John Riggins Coming Thursday

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The Audible spends a lot of time arguing about Kirk Cousins' contract, which seems like an apt way to represent the general discourse among Redskins fans these days.

Every week, Tim, Kevin and I ask someone to change a single decision made in the Redskins past. You can't just jump in the DeLorean and go wreck shop, righting the parade of wrongs in a single trip back in time. It's not realistic. The time machine can only be used for a singular moment, and then the discussion takes us down the butterfly effect road.

Our boy IH8, one of the official roastmasters of the site (Ewoldt and I still get to be on that committee), gave us the one we had been dancing around for weeks: what if we didn't trade with the St. Louis Rams to acquire Robert Griffin III.

As I said on the show, I think we are just getting these major ones out of our system. I think next week, we will solicit an in-game decision from our past and pursue how a different path at that moment would have changed our franchise's fortunes.

We were lucky to have Andrew Deerin in the basement studio with us this week. He is the leader in the clubhouse with two guest hosting gigs. He's a veritable Alec Baldwin. His goal is to be a 5-timer, because he knows that is when he gets to pour the good whiskey.

I think what shows in last night's recording session is that no matter what we say we are going to talk about, we are going to end up arguing about the Kirk Cousins contract situation. I can think of no better way to represent the Sixpack comments section than that!

We will have a special edition of The Audible later this week as we get to sit down and chat with John Riggins.

As always, thanks for giving us a listen. (If you want to see how some of our other segments go, here is one of our lightning round pieces--we're still ironing out the concept, but I think you will enjoy our "Marry, Kill or Netflix and Chill" portion):