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Should the Redskins Keep DeAngelo Hall and Jason Hatcher?

The Redskins may very well be looking to get younger on defense, casting the futures of these two veterans in doubt.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, the headline really negates the necessity of a lot of explanation. In this case, it certainly erases the need for me to spend 1,000 words framing up the debate--words I can reallocate to my 24/7 coverage of the arrival of Fuller House.

But I digress...

DeAngelo Hall and Jason Hatcher were the oldest starters on defense last season (32 and 33, respectively). When fully healthy, Hatcher is an especially disruptive player on the defensive line, though he only logged two sacks last season. Hall made the transition to safety for the Redskins last season to mixed reviews. My eyes saw a player that stuck his shoulders into runners and played probably more physical than his size would suggest. I don't think anyone was calling him Rod Woodson or Charles Woodson (players who made All-Pro transitions from corner to safety), but he provided value to a defense that sorely needed it.

I suppose at the crux of the issue is whether or not we can afford to get younger at these spots. Specifically, will we have the draft resources and free agent budget to replace these guys? I would be shocked if that wasn't on the list of McLovin's goals, but he also has to manage stretching his budget to accomplish it. That is much easier said than done.

If we are going to cut Dashon Goldson, as many insiders have suggested, I find it difficult to justify jettisoning Hall, who could provide depth at a position group (defensive backfield) where it is sorely needed. Ideally, McLovin would find and acquire a younger player who would project as an immediate starter, and Hall would give us a safety net.

With regard to Hatcher, I feel like he would be the odd man out. In my opinion, I see McLovin striving to drive the age of our defensive line group down. I see him working out a dozen or more guys in the hopes of unearthing a 24-, 25-, 26-year old player that is just looking for a chance to beast out somewhere. When you know what you are looking for and you know when you see it, this strategy works amazingly well. I feel like we mostly agree that this is the kind of guy McLovin is, right? It is his history.

Maybe I'm also just not ready to say goodbye to DeAngelo...while waving bye-bye to a former Cowboy is far easier.