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Washington Capitals Setting Winning Records; Redskins Take Notice

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Washington Redskins fans can appreciate when a local team is doing something extraordinary, as the Washington Capitals are doing.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I am relatively certain that most people aren't clicking on Hogs Haven for hockey news and updates, but I also know I am joined on this site on a daily basis by many fans of our favorite Washington teams. I can say I have watched approximately 90% of all Caps games this season, missing games only when traveling. I am the guy who will DVR the game and then turn my phone off so nobody ruins the outcome for me.

I really wanted to make sure everyone knows that they can find great Caps coverage over at Japer's Rink, which is on the same SB Nation network as Hogs Haven.

There are definitely Redskins angles to this story, but I thought I would see just how far a hockey discussion would go here. My guess is that there are more Caps fans in total that come to this site, but there are a lot of cities represented in the readership, and therefore potentially a bunch of fans of other hockey teams. Maybe it would be fun for those of us who are passionate about hockey as well as football to toss around the topic of the Caps and their historic run.

Either way, there is some serious winning going on in Washington right now. Go Caps!