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Sunday Slop: Redskins round-up of the day's news

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A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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Kirk Cousins has leverage, but tagging him will limit Redskins spending | ESPN Redskins Blog

If Cousins is tagged, will it cause the Redskins to lose someone they like: Yes and no. First, if Cousins gets tagged, it would cost the Redskins approximately $20 million against the cap; their 2016 figure already includes Griffin's $16.155 million option, so it's not a huge increase. But that nearly $4 million dollars has to have an impact. I don't know that it will lead them to get rid of someone they truly like, but considering they don't have a ton of cap room, it will limit them in some fashion. Which player it impacts, I don't know.

Under pressure in 2016: WR Ryan Grant | CSN Washington

But Grant's playing time and production was largely dependent on the health of the receivers in front of him. For example, he racked up 17 of his 23 receptions—and 194 of his 268 yards—while DeSean Jackson recovered from a hamstring tear. After the bye, Grant was targeted only 11 times in the final 10 games, including the playoff loss to the Packers.

Kirk Cousins comes in low in Bleacher Report QB rankings | CSN Washington

Will the Redskins have any interest  in the recently released Rams | CSN Washington

The Rams made Long (31) the second overall pick of the 2008 draft when they took him out of Virginia. He hasn't quite lived up to the billing of that lofty draft status, although he has had some good seasons, posting 13 sacks in 2011 and 11.5 in 2013. But he hasn't done much lately, posting one sack in 2014 and three last year. Injuries have taken their toll. He missed four games with a knee injury last year and an ankle injury landed him on short-term injured reserve for ten weeks in 2014. Given the combination of age and recent injuries it's hard to see Scot McCloughan having any interest in him at all.

Under  Pressure in 2016: G Shaun Lauvao | CSN Washington

Lauvao said he hopes to be ready by the OTAs but acknowledged that his recovery could realistically take as long as six months. He's still the Redskins' most experienced guard and he was having a solid season prior to getting hurt. But he's not healthy and it's unclear when he'll return to full strength. Which could make him vulnerable if he's unable to prove in the coming months that he's able to his previous form. He's due to count $5 million against the cap, and the team could save $3 million if he's cut.