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Saturday Slop: Weighing Free Agent Needs

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A look at the top Redskins stories off the day.

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Need to know:  It's always about the  money | CSN Washington

After years of neglect, should the Redskins draft a D-Line early | CSN Washington

It's very fair to say that the Redskins have neglected the defensive line in the draft. Excluding college defensive ends drafted with the plan to convert them to outside linebackers the Redskins have drafted just one defensive lineman earlier than the sixth round since the year 2000. That was Jarvis Jenkins, taken in the second round in 2011. Other than that they have taken three defensive linemen in the seventh round and two in the sixth.

How should the Redskins address their safety needs | CSN Washington

The only safety to enjoy a steady role was Goldson, who started 15 regular season games and, despite resting in Week 17, led all Redskins' defenders in snaps played (995). Goldson, who turns 32 in September, also led the team in tackles (110) and proved to be an invaluable leader on the field and in the locker room. But he also missed 19 tackles, the second highest total among safeties, according to

Virginia Tech CB Kendall Fuller could you be a playmaker for the Redskins | CSN Washington

How he fits the Redskins: The Redskins' cornerback unit consists of Bashaud Breeland, who could be very good but is still learning, Chris Culliver, who may or may not be recovered from a serious knee injury by the time the season starts, and some assorted players they either promoted off of the practice squad or signed off of the street. In short, it's shaky.

Mel  Kiper's mock addresses need for Redskins | CSN Washington

There are some other intriguing names available on Kiper's board when the Redskins selected, including running back Ezekiel Elliott. I'm a little biased (Ohio State ties and all), but Elliott is a terrific all-around back - one of the best in pass protection that you'll see, in addition to his power running. Corner Kendall Fuller is available as is defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche. Both would fill needs, too, though Nkemdiche has other issues.

Redskins have high need for more RB help | CSN Washington

Draft possibilities: I don't think they'd take anyone in the first round, though Ohio State's Ezekiel Elliott would be the best all-around back. It does sound as if there are good options for the first several rounds. Among other possibilities after the first round: Utah's Devontae Booker (has quickness and can catch); UCLA's Paul Perkins, Arkansas' Alex Collins and Louisiana Tech's Kenneth Dixon. All have a level of quickness that could help the Redskins and would be available in rounds 2-4.