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Sat. Slop: Redskins stories of the day

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A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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Matt Jones Improved, but must show more to be Redskins top back | ESPN Redskins Blog

Summing it up: In his last 70 carries of the season, Jones averaged only 3.09 yards per carry. So while he improved in some ways, it wasn't enough to suggest he should be the No. 1 back in 2016. Blocking played into it at times, but so did his runs. He flashed signs he could be the guy, but not enough to prevent the Redskins from needing to add serious competition for the top job with Morris unlikely to return. Jones' durability needs to improve; it was Morris' strength.

Matt Forte could help the Redskins, but age and money are a concern | ESPN Redskins Blog

Why he makes sense: Forte remains a productive player and a good fit for what most offenses want to do, which is, well, move the ball. Forte can run the ball or catch -- it's why he has gained 8,602 yards rushing and another 4,116 receiving. The Redskins like to run the ball out of their shotgun formation; he's averaged 4.48 yards per carry out of this look for his career, according to ESPN Stats & Information, with the bulk of his attempts in the past three seasons. Forte is 30, but he's also known for being a hard worker and staying in excellent shape.

GM Scot McCloughan will remain consistent in his free agent approach | ESPN Redskins Blog

Positions they could address: I don't have a great feel yet for which positions they absolutely will address in free agency. But I know the areas they want to, and must, fix. We still don't know yet who will be re-signed by previous teams so it's hard to say right now which positions would be the strongest in free agency. But I know they want to get younger on the defensive line and that they'd like to find another inside linebacker. Obviously they'll need more depth at corner and safety.

Report: Final Hurdle cleared ahead of RGIII's release | CSN Washington

Griffin, who turned 26 on Friday, has passed his exit physical, thus clearing the way for the Redskins to part ways with the former face of the franchise, according to NFL Network's Albert Breer. Griffin's $16.155 million salary in 2016 is guaranteed for injury only.

Need to know: The Redskins week that was- rebuilding the defense | CSN Washington

I got an interesting question from a reader on Scot McCloughan's plans for free agency. Last year he tried to build up the defense through some signings and they experienced mixed results. Will he give it another go and bring in veterans to bolster a defense that ranked 28th in yards allowed and in the bottom third in many other statistical categories? Or will he want to add some draft picks to the mix and have Joe Barry and company focus on developing them and some of the young talent already on the roster? A mix of both is likely but I suspect it will be more of the latter than the former.