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Washington Redskins 2016 Draft Profiles: Brandon Doughty, QB

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Hogs Haven takes a look at 2016 NFL Draft prospects that could contribute to the Redskins.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Doughty, QB
School: Western Kentucky | Conference: C-USA
College Experience: Senior | Age: 23
Height / Weight: 6-2 / 220 lbs
Projected Draft Status: 4th or 5th Round
NFL Comparison: Josh McCown

College Statistics

Player Overview

Brandon Doughty has been putting up Madden numbers in the C-USA the past 2 years. You can't diminish his accomplishments. He played in a less glamorous conference but it's still division I ball and those numbers would be impressive anywhere. Can it translate to the NFL? I think so. Doughty is unlikely to be the next Tom Brady or Kirk Cousins but he has a place in the NFL because of his physical skill set, intelligence and leadership. Doughty made the biggest jump in production after his first full year as the starter (2013) and has been leading the FBS in passing yards and passing touchdowns ever since.


  • Doughty makes good decisions with the football. He doesn't throw it up for grabs or try and throw it to a double covered receiver.
  • He has a good arm, probably capable of throwing it 60 yards down the field if he really had to bomb it. He also is pretty accurate. He can deliver the ball with velocity and throw it with finesse. 
  • He has good vision and sees the field well, this contributes to his good decision making and accurate throws. It also allows him to throw with anticipation as well.
  • He is mobile in the pocket he can roll out, slide laterally, or back and forth in the pocket and deliver the ball. He isn't going to take off and run for 10 yards very often though hence his negative run yardage.
  • He plays with poise with the pocket around him collapsing delivering the ball accurately. He doesn't have the yips.
  • He has good size and a good throwing motion.


  • Doughty has to go through his progressions quicker. While it's a plus that he actually goes through progressions he won't always have the luxury of time to find the open guy.
  • He rarely (but once is too much) but sometimes leads his receiver's into dangerous spots exposing their bodies to violent hits that have or may result in injury.
  • His footwork needs to be worked on as it relates to his mechanics. He doesn't always distribute his weight or follow through with his back foot.
  • Always worked out of the shotgun in WKU's spread system. It will take him time to get used to the pro-style offenses of the NFL.
  • When moving around in the pocket he has to get up field on the run or throw it away if he doesn't have a guy open. Holding onto the ball and getting sacked led to the negative rushing yardage.
Let's see his work:

How He Would Fit on the Redskins

Doughty would be a nice developmental QB for the Redskins. It's nice to go into the offseason knowing we have our guy for at least the next few seasons and we can start developing young talent from the bench – finally. Doughty faces some hurdles. I mentioned him coming from a spread offense, the need for him work on his footwork etc. But he is very intelligent and will have time to do this and get accustomed to an NFL pro-style offense riding the pine for a few seasons. He has the physical tools, nothing elite, but he could develop into a nice young backup for the Redskins for years to come.