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2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalists Anxiously Waiting...Like Joe Jacoby!!

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Former Redskins offensive tackle Joe Jacoby waits to see if this is the year he is invited to take his place in the Hall of Fame.

Mike Powell/Getty Images

Let's all stay positive. We all have that voice in our heads telling us not to get our hopes up, but until we know for sure one way or the other, I am going to keep hope alive!

I just thought that for anyone not wanting to debate draft prospects today, we might be able to collect some odds on Jacoby's chances. Here are the remaining finalists:

Morten Andersen, Kicker -- 1982-1994 New Orleans Saints, 1995-2000, 2006-07 Atlanta Falcons, 2001 New York Giants, 2002-03 Kansas City Chiefs, 2004 Minnesota Vikings

Steve Atwater, Safety -- 1989-1998Denver Broncos, 1999 New York Jets

Don Coryell, Coach -- 1973-77 St. Louis Cardinals, 1978-1986 San Diego Chargers

Terrell Davis, Running Back -- 1995-2001 Denver Broncos

Tony Dungy, Coach -- 1996-2001Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2002-08Indianapolis Colts

Alan Faneca, Guard -- 1998-2007 Pittsburgh Steelers, 2008-09 New York Jets, 2010 Arizona Cardinals

Brett Favre, Quarterback -- 1991 Atlanta Falcons, 1992-2007 Green Bay Packers, 2008 New York Jets, 2009-2010 Minnesota Vikings

Kevin Greene, Linebacker/Defensive End -- 1985-1992 Los Angeles Rams, 1993-95 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1996, 1998-99 Carolina Panthers, 1997 San Francisco 49ers

Marvin Harrison, Wide Receiver --1996-2008 Indianapolis Colts

Joe Jacoby, Tackle -- 1981-1993Washington Redskins

Edgerrin James, Running Back --1999-2005 Indianapolis Colts, 2006-08Arizona Cardinals, 2009 Seattle Seahawks

John Lynch, Free Safety -- 1993-2003Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2004-07Denver Broncos

Terrell Owens, Wide Receiver -- 1996-2003 San Francisco 49ers, 2004-05 Philadelphia Eagles, 2006-08 Dallas Cowboys, 2009 Buffalo Bills, 2010 Cincinnati Bengals

Orlando Pace, Tackle -- 1997-2008 St. Louis Rams, 2009 Chicago Bears

Kurt Warner, Quarterback -- 1998-2003 St. Louis Rams, 2004 New York Giants, 2005-09 Arizona Cardinals

These 15 names, along with Ken Stabler, Dick Stanfel and Edward DeBartolo, Jr (the first two are Seniors Committee finalists and the third is a Contributor Finalist).

I am an unabashed Brett Favre guy, and can't wait to see that induction speech. If When Joe Jacoby is voted in, I will look forward to joining the legions of cheeseheads in Canton for the ceremony.

I think Tony Dungy and Kurt Warner are also in the "near-slam dunk" category, meaning Jacoby is battling to be one of the other two modern-era inductees. As much respect as I have for Orlando Pace, he better not get in before Jake. It just wouldn't be right, and to those who know, it just wouldn't make sense. (To be clear, Pace was a great player. Jacoby anchored one of the greatest offensive lines in the history of the NFL, though, and has been overlooked for long enough.)

With busts of Grimm and Riggins already there, Canton would truly become a legit Hogs Haven when it adds Joe Jacoby.