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Redskins v. Eagles Staff Picks: Don’t Talk To Me About “Brotherly Love”

The Hogs Haven staff makes their weekly predictions on how the Redskins will fare in Philly in week 14.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

I spent the better part of the last six years living in southeastern Pennsylvania, which by and large is “‘iggles Nation.” I spent a lot of time hearing about how they were the most “passionate” fans in football, and that they weren’t ALL Santa-booing, snowball throwers, but rather they were loyal, dedicated, and unwilling to back down from a challenge. Honestly, I think there’s probably a happy medium the prevailing narratives, but I will never be sad to see Philadelphia lose to anyone, let alone the Redskins. Also, green is kind of a silly color for a football team.

So we learned last week against Arizona that maybe we might not be that good at this whole prediction thing, or that perhaps we should do a little bit better of a job embracing that routine skepticism that is a hallmark around these parts. Well, in looking at the picks this week it appears not much was learned from a week ago:

Bryan H. Stabbe (1-1): 27-17, Redskins
The wheels seemed to have fallen off the Wentz Wagon, and the Eagles offense has been unable to score more than 15 points in each of their last three contests. Defensively, they haven't held an opponent under 26 points over that stretch, and with injuries on both side of the ball I see Kirk Cousins having a bounce-back game following his substandard performance against the Cardinals. Washington no longer controls their own destiny, and I think Jay Gruden's public condemnation of his team's effort this past week should light a fire as they seek to finish off this very tough three-game road streak with a victory. Frankly, if they can’t win this game they’ll be exactly where they ought to come the second week of January, on the golf course.

Tom Garrett (0-2): 30-21, Redskins
I've been wrong about the Redskins the last two weeks, so why change now? Carson Wentz over the last five games: 3 TD, 8 INT, quarterback rating of 67.5. Yes, it's always tough to win divisional rivalries on the road, but, if the Redskins can't beat this struggling Eagles team, they don't deserve to go to the playoffs.

Gabe (Cadillactica) (0-1): 31-13, Redskins
Carson Wentz is that dude that can't handle the pressure of losing and adversity at least right now. I look for the skins to bounce back big against a poor division rival.

HogHunter (0-2): 21-19, Redskins
DeSean Jackson puts on another show against and for his old team. The Redskins are dealing with a lot of injuries that will make this game closer than it should be. Carson Wentz turns the ball over more than once to give the Redskins a much needed win.

Jen Filsinger (1-1): 27-17, Redskins
The Redskins are on the outside looking in this week, and every game is a "must win" if they want to secure a Wild Card spot. The defense has a chance at a strong showing against a team that has surpassed 30 points only once all season, and it will also be interesting to watch how much Washington involves DeSean Jackson on offense this week. The next time these two teams meet, will Jackson back in an Eagles uniform?

Ken Meringolo (0-2): 31-17, Redskins
The Redskins lay one on a struggling Philly team. Inside the red zone, the Redskins use Trent at guard and Ty at tackle on some power running plays that straight up work.

Now it’s your turn to give us your predictions. Submit your prediction in the comment section below, and share who you think will win and why.