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The 5 O’Clock Club: The Redskins Bouncing Between “Good” and “Good Enough”

On Hogs Haven’s official Redskins aftershow, “After the Whistle,” T, Ken and Matt discuss the latest episode in the greatest televised drama there is: Redskins football.

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

We missed our main man Kevin last night in the basement studio. It just wasn’t nearly sweaty enough to maintain its standing as the sweatiest basement in Kensington, MD without the hustle and grit of our intense, kielbasa-legged friend.

One of the cool things about this Redskins season is getting to watch a team that is actually good, even if on some days already they haven’t been good enough. As I noted during the show, the manner in which this team is good—offensive firepower—makes them dangerous every week. The 2016 Washington Redskins are not a mediocre ballclub, like so many iterations before it. This team might not be good enough yet (or maybe we’re actually sure they’re not), but the direction this organization is pointed in is undeniable.

T argues passionately about the necessity of winning out, while I spent a few words on the fact that even if we win out, we’ll need help—and that help could come from a certain Tony Romo-jersey wearing quarterback in Dallas (spoiler: it’s Tony Romo). That’s right...the Romo-eroticism in the basement last night was in full effect, and we know Kevin missed that.

One thing I think Kevin would have said if he was there: Trent Williams could always line up at guard in the red zone for a power running play, assuming Ty Nsekhe is 100% healthy. I don’t know Kevin...he looks like our starting tackle to me. (It was either misrepresent his Trent opinion, or elect him president of our newly formed board of directors that meets every morning at 5 AM.)

The Eagles are next up, and the drama promises to remain compelling. Thanks for listening, everyone!