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Have the Redskins Lost Their MoJo?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Two early losses had this team reeling. Four subsequent wins had them quickly back on track. Then came the crushing last second loss to the Lions, and the stunning tie in London(a game the Redskins had all but won). Two more wins against faltering teams gave Redskins fans hope, but the Thanksgiving day loss to Dallas, and Sunday's crushing defeat to a 4-6-1 Cardinals team decimated with injury, has again put things into perspective - we are just not a very good team.

Sure our offense is capable of putting up 400 yards per game, but we struggle mightily to score touchdowns in the Redzone. We are better when we strike from outside the 30 on big plays, then when we actually drive inside the 10, and are faced with a first-and-goal. It almost seems like it would be better to just kick the damn field goal on first down anywhere inside the 10 yard line, and save much needed minutes on the game clock, that have to wittiness the incompetent and quite honestly, embarrassing play calling that Sean McVay "dials up". A fade, to of all people, DeSean Jackson(our second smallest receiver, and by far, our least physical) at the goal line, when he's being blanketed by one of the best corners in the NFL? And a predictable bootleg, when we know Arizona was bringing heavy pressure off the edge in anticipation of just such a play? Hey McVay, how about using the workhorse back who rarely ever looses a yard, and trying him over the right side behind....yeah, you guessed it - Brandon Scherff, the man who can power clean a small car!

On defense, I hear fans and media accusing the Redskins of playing with "no heart". Well, guess what people, let's look at us playing with "no talent" first! Heart can only get you so far, and quite frankly, I feel that is often an excuse to cover up for a player who is limited athletically, but rises above his limitations because of "effort". Hey, don't get me wrong, having "heart" is great, but as we've seen, heart isn't making Will Compton fill a hole quicker, or Ziggy Hood drive a guard into the quarterback for a sack. It sure the hell isn't making Kendall Fuller take his eyes out of the damn backfield, or making Duke Ihenacho realize that in cover 3, you ALWAYS play as deep as the deepest receiver!

Maybe the woes this team is experiencing are not all on the coaches. Maybe people need to start pointing a BIGGER finger(and I'll let YOU decide which one) at everyone's Golden Boy, GM Scot McCloughan! It was Scot that brought in veteran journeyman on our defense line like Kendall Reyes, Ziggy Hood, and re-signed RJF. It was Scot that tendered Will Compton at linebacker - arguably one of the worst inside linebackers in the league. It was Scot who attempted to put a band-aid on the safety position by bringing back Will Blackmon, Duke Ihenacho and signing David Bruton...David Freakin Bruton! And then, to add the cherry on top, we bring in the ageless wonder Donte Whitner! It was also Scot who failed to bring back Terrance Knighton, TWICE, all while rookie Ezekiel Elliott was tearing apart our defense. Knighton may not be the most complete, conditioned defensive linemen in the league, but he's a force against the run, and certainly helps keep linemen off our linebackers. Isn't this exactly what we are lacking?

Let's also not forget it was McCloughan who ignored the deepest defensive line draft in recent NFL history, to instead, draft a wide receiver, who saw action in just two games, and recorded 2 catches just before being placed on IR. Guess what Scot, even the most casual fan can see that wide receiver for THIS season was the strength of the team, and defensive line and safety were the weaknesses! I'm glad you broke your hand punching a wall - and we all knew that wall had it coming!

So while we sit here sulking and lamenting in "what could have been", all while watching what could once have been a promising season slowly sink down the drain, I have to wonder if the lack of effort put in by our "staff" in the offseason is solely to blame for the woes we are experiencing now.

Yes, the Redskins HAVE lost their MoJo, but are the players and coaches to blame for this loss, or does this go back to what was done, or should I say, what was not done this offseason? I guess Joe Barry can't be asked to play chess when all he was given are checkers!

If the Redskins fail to secure one of the wildcard spots over the remaining four games, and believe me, they NEED to win all four,  things need to be seriously evaluated going into 2017... and this needs to start at the top!

I hope and pray we can regain some of the MoJo that we once had, but I feel that also may have been just an aberration; a trick if you will designed to mess with our minds and give us false hope. Reality says this is not a very good team in the areas we need it to be, and no amout of MoJo can ever cover that up.