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Gif Recap: Redskins Fall to Cardinals 31 - 23 Via Tombstone

A shootout in the desert has grave consequences for our heroes

Faced with the prospect of a struggling Cardinals team, Skins fans are feeling confident about this game.

But David Johnson doesn’t appear to be struggling at all.

Giving up a terribly easy TD drive, I wonder if the defense is planning to put up any resistance this afternoon.

Our mood watching the offense rack up false starts

The Redskins offense fires back... with Field Goals. Just enough to let them know we’re here.

Ugly first half. Time to come back strong. Go get it done, Jay. Go on now.

Woo! We open the half with a TD drive for the lead! I told you comebacks are our thing.

Ha! They whiff their FG. Kirk comes back on the field, about to blow this thing open.

Oh god. Cousin gets sacked and fumbles.

Cardinals defense looking at Kirk Cousins.

Joe Barry looking at Calais Campbell.

Cousins redeems himself with a big TD pass to Crowder!

Which... we give right back on Defense. Fans are getting critical of Joe Barry.

Sure, they’ve extended their lead to 8, with 2:00 to go, but Kirk has an honest chance of saving this game, right?

But Patrick Peterson is like:

Picked off. Redskins lose.

Jay has some words for the locker room after this.

How McVay thought he looked with the fade routes:

The Cardinals were not impressed.

HH posters are ready to move on from some players on defense.

Which is nothing compared to their thoughts on the Coordinator.

The Redskins wild card hopes took a swoon with this loss,

but most of our competition lost too. We are still well in the race.