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Thoughts On The NFL: Week 13

What stood out around the NFL after Week 13

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Minnesota vs. Dallas

Well, Minny had some sweet looking uniforms on Thursday night. Their performance was close but no cigar as they took on the Cowboys. Dak Prescott is just so talented at buying time and extending plays. Though the rookie had several mistakes he looked great overall. I wish we all could have counted on Sam Bradford to deliver when it counted.

Detroit vs. New Orleans

The Lions are hot and they dominated all game. Matt Stafford has a legitimate argument to be league MVP this year. What’s most impressive about the Lions is that their success is coming despite the lack of a consistent run game. Golden Tate and Marvin Jones are a good tandem for Stafford.

Los Angeles vs. New England

I expected this to be a trashing and it was. Against the New England defense, Jared Goff really struggled. Oh, Jeff Fisher got extended, so never give up on your mediocrity!

Chicago vs. San Francisco

Maybe the Bears are getting better down the stretch, maybe it was the weather, maybe the 49ers are really really bad. San Francisco was never in this game. Colin Kaepernick was under siege all game long and no part of the 49ers team ever looked in sync or ready. Jordan Howard doesn’t get enough credit. If not for Zeke Elliott grabbing all the attention this rookie RB would be appreciated so much more, he’s having a heck of a season.

Denver vs. Jacksonville

It’s bad news for the Jaguars when Paxton Lynch looks better than Blake Bortles. What a terrible year for the Jaguars and their franchise player. Gus Bradley is sure to be on the hot seat this offseason and so should Bortles. The Broncos relied on the running game and helped their rookie out. Their defense continued to show that they are one of the best in the league and they flustered Bortles all game.

Houston vs. Green Bay

Houston is crumbling. This week Osweiler played a good game. It was Houston’s defense that let them down. The Packers still have some fight in them and are trying to play catch up to an excelling Lions team in their division. Green Bay’s offense was clicking in the snow and when they are working in chemistry it's fun to watch as long as they aren't playing the Redskins.

Kansas City vs. Atlanta

Don’t go for two, kick the extra point. Strategically I understand the call but boy did it backfire for the Falcons. It’s a bad loss as they are racing for the NFC South against the Bucs.

Miami vs. Baltimore

Just when I thought Miami was going to ride their own wave of momentum they got throttled by Baltimore. It was the best performance of the year for the Ravens and Joe Flacco was picking apart the Miami defense all game long. Baltimore is right in the thick of things with the Steelers in the AFC North.

Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia

Philly got crushed. Praise the Bengals!

Tampa Bay vs. San Diego

This was the game of the week in my opinion. The quarterback play was excellent, interceptions included. No one should have any reservations about Jameis Winston anymore, he has arrived, and he is legit. The Redskins are going to be hard pressed to get a playoff spot back if Tampa keeps playing like this.

New York (Giants) vs. Pittsburgh

Ereck Flowers may be a former Miami Hurrican but I can’t give him a pass. His mistakes are devastating. Thank goodness we got Scherff, not that the Skins would have selected Flowers in his stead but if the Giants had Scherff instead of Flowers the dynamic of their offensive line would be very different.

I just love when Eli Manning throws wildly across his body don’t you?

Washington vs. Arizona

I’m not sure what to say. I’m actually kind of disgusted. All season we knew the strength of the Cardinals was an ageless Larry Fitzgerald and a star at running back in David Johnson. Did I expect the Redskins to transform into the 85 Bears? Absolutely not. However, I didn’t expect us to roll over and act like we didn’t know where the ball was going to. Here’s a hint, it was going to Larry or David. The skins find themselves with no room for error in December.

Carolina vs. Seattle

It says a lot about your performance when the biggest story to come out of this game was how Cam was benched for one play for not wearing a tie. The Panthers were rolled over. The Redskins need to be ready when it’s their turn.

New York (Jets) vs. Indianapolis

Ass whooping of the week. The Jets are a mess of a team right now. Bowles has selected two QBs and refuses to play them. It can’t get any worse can it?