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Report: Eagles will try to get DeSean Jackson back next year

How much does sorry cost?

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images

The Chip Kelly eraror in Philadelphia was one of the most entertaining(if you weren’t an Eagles fan), and aggravating(Eagles fans) in a long time. Chip Kelly was billed as the football messiah who would come in and revolutionize the game(this sounds strangely familiar). The only real changes were pissing off his veterans and defensive players, getting rid of the Eagles premium talent, and bringing Philadelphia quickly back to the basement.

One of Chip’s biggest moves was the release of DeSean Jackson after rumors of his gang affiliations circulated online. The rumblings started months before the actual release, but when it actually happened it was a still surprising. Jackson was the Eagles most explosive player on offense. The Washington Redskins quickly moved in to sign Jackson, and he has enjoyed burning the Eagles ever since.

Chip is gone now, and Jackson’s contract voids after this season’s Super Bowl. The Redskins also have Kirk Cousins and Pierre Garcon to re-sign this season, and it could be hard to get all three under contract. Is DeSean Jackson the odd man out? He didn’t rule out a return to Philadelphia on a conference call with reporters before the first Redskins/Eagles game this season.

“I never really had hard feelings towards Philadelphia,” said Jackson. “As far as being released by whoever released me, that’s different. But I guess he’s not there no more (laughs). So there’s never really been hard feelings towards the city or the team or organization. But like I said, things happen and we move on. I’m blessed to still have an opportunity to be playing at a high level and having a job and still playing at a high level. So never no hard feelings.”

“I’m happy to see Doug there, man,” said Jackson. “I respect him when he was there with Coach [Andy] Reid. I congratulate him on getting the job I think he deserves. He’s done some good things when he left and went to Kansas City, and now he’s back in Philadelphia. So I definitely have a respect for Doug. A good relationship with him as well, too, so it’ll be good to see him when we play Sunday.”

The Eagles have a new QB who they gave up a lot of draft capital for, but their WR corp is a mess to put it kindly.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the Eagles want Jackson back, and are going to make push to make it happen. Will DeSean Jackson go back to where he started, does Washington want him back, or will he head home to the West Coast finish his career?