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The 5 O’Clock Club

The Audible presents “After the Whistle,” the official Redskins after show of Hogs Haven, where we cover the greatest TV show of all-time: Redskins football.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This being a holiday week and all, sandwiched by Christmas and New Year’s, this episode of The Audible was especially...saucy. The Spirit of Sonny flowed like Niagara Falls in the basement studio last night, and we managed to stay all kinds of positive about this Redskins team.

I allowed myself to get a little carried away, but thankfully Kevin was there to tamp down some of the more ridiculous things that were said. We missed T and Matt, as they were both traveling (T called the Maryland bowl game in Detroit, and Matt covered a prestigious high school basketball tournament), although I think it is safe to say their livers were missed most of all.

This show was all about Not Missing It. We still have a week left to appreciate what this team is and what it is all about. We believe that the Giants game should be a slam dunk, as there is no way New York should ever expose Odell to Josh Norman for even one play. Regardless (irregardless even) of who is on the field wearing blue, this is a home playoff game for Redskins fans, and the victory would/will be special.

We suggest pairing this episode of The Audible with a smooth Irish whiskey—about half a bottle will get you there!

Thanks for listening!

(P.S. To those who have asked, the 5OCC will ultimately settle into a more regular spot in the offseason, where things are a bit less hectic on a daily basis, and will also continue to be the primary space for Hogs Haven’s anchor podcast, The Audible. Both the podcast and this post are offshoots of our great many commenters and comments sections, so it is a perfect marriage. Thanks for joining the conversation—our goal in the early part of 2017 is to actually have folks call in and argue their points on the podcast. I will be looking for the first two to bring on for that in the next few weeks.)