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Winners Circle: HogsHaven Fantasy Football

Join me in Congratulating this year’s fantasy winners!

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

League: HogsHaven

1st Place: Hip Hip

Record: 12-2 | Total Points: 1,448.26

2nd Place: SkinsNJ

Record: 9-5 | Total Points: 1,387.62

3rd Place: Cadillactica

Record: 9-5 | Total Points: 1,338.66

League: HogsHavenXtreme

1st Place: Cadillactica

Record: 10-4 | Total Points: 2,444.26

2nd Place: Ash Ketchum

Record: 9-5 | Total Points: 2,492.01

3rd Place: CravensDippinDoctson

Record: 11-3 | 2,501.49

League: HogsHavenTres

1st Place: Drunk Jay Gruden

Record: 10-4 | Total Points: 2,250.52

2nd Place: Maroon & Black

Record: 11-3 | Total Points: 2,241.70

3rd Place: Jpro008

Record: 8-6 | Total Points: 1,911.76

Ah fantasy, not real at all but still somehow solicits an emotional impact from me. I can’t speak for others but in all three of these leagues it was up and down for me. I kept playing Russell Wilson for a while instead of Kirk Cousins, I drafted Jamal Charles pretty high, I forgot to set lineups and I forgot to hit the waiver wire.

Some how by and large though it was a great fantasy football season! It was my pleasure playing with all who participated! If your FF team name is different from your HogsHaven username please come forward and bask in your glory!


Let’s keep this going. Tell me how things can improve.