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Thoughts On The NFL: Week 16

What stood out around the NFL after Week 16

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Jim Matthews-USA TODAY Sports

New York (Giants) vs. Philadelphia

As I reflect on Carson Wentz’s rookie year quite frankly I know he will be a thorn in the sides of the Redskins for years to come. Not only has he proven to be the better QB between him and Jared Goff despite all of his rookie mistakes this game he seems to have an innate sense of awareness and ability to escape and extend a play. Despite Philly jumping out to a hot start this season then coming back down to earth they have their QB of the future and he has all the physical tools to excel in this league.

I expected the Giants to win this game but Philly’s defense showed up and feasted on Eli Manning at key moments.

Atlanta vs. Carolina

I’ll just say it. . .Atlanta is going to be the team to beat in the NFC in the fight to get to the SuperBowl. I will admit that the Cowboys are good, but I think the Falcons have a much more potent offense and more complete defense. They are going to be a tough out and I wouldn't be surprised if they made it to the conference championship much less the big game.

Carolina, one of last year’s Super Bowl teams has fallen so far from grace despite a solid victory over us just a week ago and a bit ago. They will no doubt be looking to improve areas of their offense and defense this offseason, could they be looking for a new coach as well?

Buffalo vs. Miami

What a great game. If Miami can continue to have success with the running game they might surprise and win a playoff game with Matt Moore at QB. Jay Ajayi is a legitimate threat on the ground having run for over 200 yards on this Bills defense. Buffalo should look for a new head coach and kicker next year.

Washington vs. Chicago

The Redskins needed this win, they got it. Now they have to win again against a division rival and depend on the kindness of others to make the playoffs. The Monday Night loss remains so problematic regarding how the team performed. No matter how the Redskins finish this season there is a lot to correct and improve with this team.

New England vs. New York (Jets)

Now Todd Bowles has to worry about his gallbladder in addition to probably getting fired.

Cleveland vs. San Diego

Cleveland gets their first win at the expense of a team with the propensity to unravel in the 4th quarter. This game was a good example of that. The Chargers should be looking for a new kicker once they sign their new LA lease.

Tennessee vs. Jacksonville

What a crappy end to the season for the Titans. Not only do they miss a chance at the playoffs with this terrible loss to the Jaguars but they lose their franchise QB to a broken ankle. Blake Bortles arguably had his best game of the season and we got to see how good Allen Robinson is. Hopefully, the Jags can use this win as a springboard and come back and be competitive in the division next year.

Green Bay vs. Minnesota

Green Bay is on a roll with no run game. What was once a glaring weakness this season is all but gone. Aaron Rodgers continues to put the team on his back and score multiple TDs per game. The Vikings have all but rolled over as alluded to last week and as evidenced but the defensive backs not doing their jobs and ignoring the game plan.

Oakland vs. Indianapolis

The Raiders lost Derek Carr to a broken leg. I for one don’t think they are done yet. The playoffs are a completely different environment but Matt McGloin is a capable backup and will have an extra week to prepare. The Raiders also can be effective on the ground with Latavious Murray and rookie DeAndre Washington. It really sucked to see Carr go down. Earlier in the year, I made the proclamation that he is part of the new group of young elite quarterbacks, I stand by that, but I doubt the Raiders can make it to the Super Bowl without him.

New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay

Drew Brees and Co. did the Redskins a huge solid. Praise the Saints for giving Washington a bit of breathing room.

Los Angeles vs. San Francisco

In the battle of two of the worst teams in the NFL the 49ers won.

Arizona vs. Seattle

What a crazy game. Arizona clearly has some fight left. Despite Russell Wilson having one of his best games of the year throwing the football it wasn’t enough against Arizona’s impressive pass rush and David Johnson’s rushing. The Seahawks lost one of their receiving and return threats Tyler Lockett to a broken leg.

Cincinnati vs. Houston

Tom Savage and Houston’s O was just good enough not to lose this game. Cincinnati's defense was just bad enough to help Houston win. Cincinnati's offense has been so bad the last few weeks. They have no running game and no legit passing threats with A.J. Green out.

Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore

What a heartbreaker for Baltimore. There is no worse way to lose a game than to have in in your pocket in the last moments of the game only to have your defense come up short in stopping the other team. The Ravens have now missed the playoffs two years in a row. Pittsburgh is rolling along.

Kansas City vs. Broncos

What a beating. The Broncos should be embarrassed to go out this way. John Elway much have a plan for the offensive side of the ball next year. It’s hard to think they will be rolling with Trevor Siemian much longer and not go to Paxton Lynch. Oh yeah, Dontarie Poe is a beast.

Detroit vs. Dallas

Nothing seemed more unnatural than NOT wanting the Lions to win. Ugh, it was weird and I don't like it. With Dallas’ victory, the Redskins are once again in charge (mostly) of their own destiny.