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Gif Recap: Redskins Defeat Bears 41-21 Via Trading Places

When you’ve had enough of watching other people pull the strings with your future...

Skins fans called their priests, shamans and anyone who would listen, for a little help this weekend. Hell, some of us even lit a candle to Old Man Jerruh.

Listening to the analysts explain all our possible wild card scenarios...

While our neighbors to the North and South hoped we’d do them a solid and throw a game to the Bears.

Chris Thompson to the Bears’ defense.

Preston Smith to the Bears’ Field Goal attempt.

With a rushing TD and a receiving TD, Chris Thompson is looking like:

Speaking of rushing and passing for TDs, Kirk Cousins looks good. REAL GOOD.

Matt Barkley’s day is... not going as well.

Someone told the Defense they needed to hold Barkley down.

No, I mean REALLY hold him down.

So, when Barkley asked the Redskins defense “who wants a pick?”

Me, watching Barkley’s 3rd, 4th and 5th INTs of the day:

What watching games this year has usually felt like:

But this one felt like:

What Matt Barkley’s employment options will look like this time next year:

Wait, but someone heard Joe B might still wake up in March like:

All I know is, if you’re still doubting on Kirk Cousins:

If you watched that game and still wonder if a good QB is “worth the price”:

Admit it. When Dallas sandbagged the Lions for us we all went...

Now they’re looking at the playoffs up North realizing we have the power to...

If we can just manage once more to rough up that trust fund kid with the stupid face.

Happy Holidays HH’ers. Let’s hope we ring in the New Year the right way.