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Something Special: The Mountaintop

The 1991 Washington Redskins’ season reaches its climax, as the Redskins take on the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI.

Mark Rypien

In the final episode of “Something Special,” the Washington Redskins tangle with the potent Buffalo Bills, featuring Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Cornelius Bennett, and a host of top-level players at the height of their powers.

There’s not much mystery about how this one ends, but the story of Washington’s ultimate triumph should be enough to bring a smile to any Redskins fan’s face, even 25 years later. We can never forget Joe Gibbs, Charles Mann, Mark Rypien, Darrell Green, Art Monk, Wilber Marshall, Gary Clark, Earnest Byner, Brad Edwards, Joe Jacoby, Brian Mitchell, and so many others who played crucial roles on this team.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, and I also hope it brought back some good memories for older Redskins fans while introducing younger fans to this team for perhaps the first time.

Listen to the full episode in the player below, and, as usual, all of the older episodes are linked underneath the player.

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