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Thoughts On The NFL: Week 15

What stood out around the NFL after Week 15

San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Los Angeles vs. Seattle

What a beat down. The Rams look just as uninspired as they were when Jeff Fisher was coach. At least one of the Robert Griffin picks can probably be considered a bust now (Greg Robinson) he and the rest of the Rams looks absolutely awful. The Rams can get nothing going through the air or on the run. If they want their last two first round picks to work out a major investment in the offensive line is required.

Miami vs. New York (Jets)

The Jets are so bad they made Matt Moore look like an all-pro. Todd Bowles may very well be on the way out.

Buffalo vs. Cleveland

The Browns have a legitimate chance of going 0-16. It’s sad because I sense for some there was a thin shred of hope that RGIII would get things going on offense. It’s been the opposite. If I were Hugh Jackson I would play Cody Kessler and then do the Browns thing and try and find my franchise QB in the draft.

Detroit vs. New York (Giants)

‘‘The worst call of the year goes to Odell Beckham’s “catch” that obviously wasn't. The reason given by Coach Caldwell for not challenging such an outrageous call, something along the lines of “it was only 4 yards” was even more outrageous. I know the Lions are in playoff contention but that is not something I want to hear from a coach ever.

Philadelphia vs. Baltimore

Given that Baltimore is in the AFC North playoff hunt it was strange to see them seemingly want to take an L. They BARELY hang on as the Eagles went for two and the end of the game and didn’t get it. I applaud Doug Peterson decision, he was trying to do something positive for the team.

Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh

The Bengals are so bad. Although this was a come from behind victory by the Steelers it’s clear the Bengals are not what they once were. Look for a head coaching opening there at the end of the season.

Minnesota vs. Indianapolis

The Vikings have officially rolled over. It’s never a good sign when your team gets blown out by the Colts and their lackluster offense and defense. Over at The Daily Norseman there will be an offseason long debate about “the Sam Bradford trade” and if that was a good move or not. I personally think the Vikings problems extend far beyond their QB.

Green Bay vs. Chicago

The ending of this game is why Aaron Rodgers is still one of the best QBs in football. Blown coverage aside the man can simply work some magic in the pocket and extend a play. It would be very impressive if Green Bay was able to clinch their division after a slow start and no running game.

Jacksonville vs. Houston

The Jaguars are so bad they blew a lead and Gus Bradly was fired before he got on the team plane. Brock Osweiler was so bad he was benched for Tom Savage who helped lead the Texans to victory.

Tennessee vs. Kansas City

Tyreek Hill is still explosive. The star of this game was Tennessee’s goal-line defense. Their impressive stop was rewarded with some sharp passing from Marcus Mariota in the 4th quarter to put this one away. The Titans are still neck and neck with Houston in the AFC South in the race for first place.

New Orleans vs. Arizona

This was the shootout of the week. Arizona is officially out of the playoffs while New Orleans still has a small sliver of hope. I’m actually surprised Brees and Co. were as effective as they were. The Cardinals secondary had no answer for Brandon Cooks. I have to say I was slightly disappointed with Mark Ingram’s sideline antic. When your team is up by two touchdowns and about to win the game and you are upset because you didn’t get a goal-line touchdown that’s downright selfish.

San Francisco vs. Atlanta

The 49ers continue to fail in all three phases of the game. They are one of the worst teams in the league for very clear reasons:

  • They lack talent all over.
  • They lack coaching stability and talent.
  • They lack leadership.

Week in and out it seems like they are getting man handled. Matt Ryan picked apart their defense and Devonta Freeman had a monster game.

New England vs. Broncos

The Broncos had no chance their offense is simply stagnant right now. Tom Brady of course made things look all two easy. It isn’t reflected in the score but the Patriots always had control over this one and did a lot of damage to the Broncos that isn’t reflected in points scored.

Oakland vs. Chargers

I can barely remember the last time the Raiders were good. I think I was 11 and barely watched football at the time. As an adult now it sure is exciting to watch them have success again. I was taken aback by the shear amount of Raiser fans I saw in the stands while watching this game. The Raider Nation is known for traveling well but as Phillip Rivers said “it didn’t feel like a home game”. Rivers just couldn’t get out of his own way and threw a terrible interception to end the game. Is this season the last we see of the Chargers in San Diego.

Dallas vs. Buccaneers

Dallas gave us a gift and we gave it back.

Washington vs. Carolina

Unprepared. Embarrassed. The Skins all but have a spork in them.