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Thoughts On The NFL: Week 14

What stood out around the NFL after Week 14

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Kansas City vs. Oakland

Tyreek Hill is such an impressive weapon. You have to wonder why the Chiefs didn’t get him involved sooner. Nonetheless, his presence is paying dividends for the Chiefs now. Oakland somewhat strangely never got into an offensive rhythm this game, particularly through the air. Derek Carr missed on passes he usually makes and his receivers missed on catches they usually make.

Minnesota vs. Jacksonville

I know it’s Jacksonville they beat but the Vikings are still one of the top threats to the Redskins playoff hopes which include the Buccaneers and the Redskins themselves. One of the players that is starting to impress me down the stretch for the Vikings is Adam Thielen. That dude can play. If the Vikings ever let him go count on him being a Patriot at some point.

Miami vs. Arizona

Miami’s playoff hopes are in jeopardy if Ryan Tannehill is out for any extended period of playing time, which is likely. Jarvis Landry is still one of my favorite receivers in the NFL, he can do it all and is generally very reliable despite a fumble on a return in this game.

Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo

Yeah. It was the Le’Veon Bell show in the snow. The Bills defense was absolutely helpless to defend him as Bell put up over 230 yards and 3 touchdowns on the ground. The Steelers are making a big push to secure the 3rd seed in the AFC playoff picture.

Tennessee vs. Denver

Well, this was a shocker. I expected the defense to shut things down and you could argue they still did a good job despite not getting their usual turnovers. The Broncos offense dropped the ball on this one. Trevor Siemian is a mediocre QB. Will he ever be more? I don’t know but I think the Broncos hope Paxton Lynch will come along in the offseason especially if they exit the playoffs early.

Detroit vs. Chicago

The Bears are evaluating the team for next year while the Lions are looking to win their division. If they are going to go anywhere in the playoffs they better hope Matt Stafford finger heals fast.

Cincinnati vs. Cleveland

Cincinnati has two wins in a row against bad teams. I gotta give it up for Cleveland fans. They come out in the snow, they scream for 1st downs, it’s usually the highlight of the game after all.

New York (Jets) vs. San Francisco

This started as a dominant performance from the 49ers. They went up 17-3 into the 3rd quarter. The 49ers blew it though as Bilal Powell ran all over them and Nick Folk was good on 3/3 field goals. Both teams are a mess.

Indianapolis vs. Houston

The Texans were in firm control of this game from the beginning and never really looked back. Andrew Luck threw a pair of horrible interceptions. Jadaveon Clowney really impressed me this game. To be honest I haven't really been following him at all this year. I expected maybe a slight uptick in his production with J.J. Watt out and Clowney largely has delivered. His stats may not be eye-popping but he is getting some good pressure on the QB.

Washington vs. Philadelphia

Another stressful game for us fans. I’m going to go grey prematurely watching this team. Praise Ryan Kerrigan and Trent Murphy for getting pressure on Wentz it was the difference in this game. I can’t wait for the day where our slot corner doesn't play off coverage by 10 yards on 3rd and 4.

Tampa vs. New Orleans

Tampa is still chugging along. The Redskins need them to lose next week to the Cowboys if the Redskins want a chance to make the playoffs. Tampa’s defense looks good. When you hold a bad but high powered offensive team to 11 points you're doing something right.

Green Bay vs. Seattle

5 interceptions for Russell Wilson. 4 of them were on his receivers who didnt help him out all game The Packers have to love that Damarious Randall is back what a difference he made in the secondary.

New York (Giants) vs. Dallas

I don't really care that the Giants winning was a worse outcome for the Redskins playoff prospects. I can’t bear to root for Dallas ever. This was the first game of the season where Dak Prescott looked like a rookie.

New England vs. Baltimore

This was a great game. Baltimore didn't get on its feet until the 3rd quarter but a series of special teams mistakes by the Patriots made this game worthwhile. If not for Brady’s suspension Malcolm Mitchell could have a resume that would put him in rookie of the year contention. He is impressive.

Atlanta vs. Los Angeles

It was a beating. Todd Gurley said the offense looked like middle school. Jeff Fisher is finally fired.