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The 5 O’Clock Club—The Audible Welcomes Hog Jim Lachey To the Show

Jim Lachey joins The Audible to talk about his time as a Redskin—get your questions in now.

Jim Lachey

Tonight on The Audible, we are proud to host Jim Lachey, former Hog and Redskins great. In addition to being one of the greatest offensive tackles in Redskins history, he is also represents one of the greatest trades the Redskins ever made. We’ll cover this, and of course his memories of hoisting the last Super Bowl trophy the Redskins laid claim to in the early 90’s.

I’ll also bore Jim to tears as I retell the story of how we met for the first time at Russ Grimm’s Hall of Fame induction party (excuse me...let me just drop that name right over here).

I would love to get some questions from the commentariat for Jim. We’ll be getting festive in the green room with a fresh bottle of Redbreast—the Spirit of Sonny lives on in the sweatiest basement studio in Kensington, MD!

Thank you in advance for your questions!