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Gif Recap: Redskins Defeat Eagles 27 - 22 Via Star Trek

Our heroes go on mission to protect our playoff hopes from the hostile inhabitants of an Orion prison colony

First drive, and the defense is already making me nervous.

What we expect the offense to come back like:

But instead it’s like:

And McVay is just:

We pick off Wentz in the endzone... and It. Is. Glorious.

Who was that guy? PS Squad?

Hopkins attempts another field goal. Doink.

22 Yard TD! Fat Rob to the Eagles defense:

But, we surrender another TD before the half.

Down one score at half time, most of us are like:

But a few posters are already like:

Kirk Comes out swinging! 80 yards, DJ to to the house!

Eagles botch their field goal attempt.

Kirk to Garcon for another TD.

Hey. Fade routes CAN work.

How Kirk feels about throwing that pick 6.

How we felt watching it.

Chris Thomson to the house! I’m happy for the lead but concerned about how much time we’ve left on the clock.

Some of us aren’t sure the defense will hold.

But we’ve put the game in their hands. They’ve saved us before.

Ugh. Can Barry slow the Eagles down at all?

Oh no. Eagles down to our 14.

Barry sends the house.

Kerrigan gets there! Sack Fumble!!!


Skins fans are having a heart attack, but bystanders are applauding such a “tight game”.

Desean Jackson to Eagles fans trying to take back all the shade they threw last season.

Skins fans realizing PG and DJ will be hard to live without.

Since no one else helped us yesterday, our road to the playoffs remains somewhat narrow.

Finish strong and push for the playoffs. HTTR.