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Vote for All-time Redskins Team Captains

Nominations are in, and a handful of candidates are now up for consideration for the honor to be Captain(s) of the Redskins All-Time Team.

Super Bowl XLV Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Yesterday, we nominated and voted on a bunch of extremely worthy candidates...for the Captain’s roles on the Redskins All-Time team. I have taken the liberty of scouring those results and am putting forward the final ballot.

Below—in the comments section—I will start a thread with each of the names who garnered the most love in yesterday’s post. I think there are some slam dunk entries, but these are the finalists, and all of them can technically get the “C” sewn onto their jerseys. Vote by rec’ing your captain(s) of choice. You can vote for as many of these as you like.

Let’s see how the voting goes before we make any grandiose or sweeping assumptions.

Thanks for participating, everyone.