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Election Night Distraction--Redskins All-Time Team Captains

As America votes to determine its next leader, Redskins fans vote on who they think the captain of the All-Time team should be.

Washington Redskins vs San Francisco 49ers - December 18, 2004 Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images

I was hoping we would have more material today to help distract from the political landscape, but it seems everyone is glued to this election. Hmmmmm...I wonder why?

For anyone looking to argue with their fellow fans about something other than politics, I thought I would float this one:

Who should be the captains of the Redskins All-Time team? I think we can afford four spaces, and here is how the voting will be conducted:

1) Nominate someone by placing that player's name in the subject line of a comment below. Feel free to make whatever argument you wish to make on their behalf.

2) No doubling up entries for a player--if you have something to add to make the argument for or against someone, make it as a reply to the player in question.

3) Vote by rec'ing the top-line nomination--those will be what counts.

As is the case on election day every year, I am not here to tell you who to vote for (as Redskins all-time team captain), but vote early...and vote often!