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Be A Browns Fan For An Afternoon

All of Redskins Nation should be rooting for the Browns to get their first win today.

Cleveland Browns v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Before you say it. Yes. I do realize this post may not bear any fruit at all. In fact, It’s likely that the Browns will continue to produce sadness in Cleveland.

Today though I’m a Browns fan. I need Cody Kessler and Terrell Pryor to go off. I need the Browns defense to finally rattle the “composed” rookie. I need to see Zeke Elliott get a total of 30 rushing yards. I need Morris Claiborne whoever is the Cowboys starting CB get burned like they usually do. I need the Dallas defensive line to play like trash.

The middle of the season would be an excellent time for the Browns to get their stuff together and finally play like a cohesive team. A blow delivered today the the 6-1 division leader Cowboys would do wonders for the Redskins chances at a repeat of the division title and could create momentum on our side for when the Skins face them on Thanksgiving.

The BYE week serves as a reset for many teams. It would sure be nice if the Redskins could get some help! HTTR!