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Saturday Slop: Redskins news of the day

A look at the top Redskins stories during the bye week.

Redskins post bye schedule remains tough, but perceptions have changed | ESPN

Green Bay: Don’t fall prey to the Aaron-Rodgers-is-struggling line. Unless you’ve completely forgotten that was the same line uttered before the playoff meeting last year when Rodgers, well, didn’t struggle. The Packers’ game probably remains the same level of difficulty considering they’re 4-3, and Rodgers is coming off two good games in a row. He now has 17 touchdowns against four interceptions. Every quarterback should struggle so well. This one hasn’t changed from the beginning -- somewhat of a tossup, though the Packers have the edge unless the Redskins can stop the run.

DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon face uncertain futures in DC | ESPN

It’ll be interesting with Jackson because he can still threaten teams down the field. But he’s a small receiver who turns 30 in December. The Redskins love his speed and what it adds to the offense. Once his speed goes, though, what happens to Jackson? Will that impact his ability to command, say, $11 million or $12 million a year? Would someone really pay him that much? I’d worry about his durability. He's been targeted 56 times with 30 catches. I'd be hesitant to get him he ball a lot more than that, just because he needs to stay on the field. He's had some nagging injuries this season.

Redskins Bye week grades: DL | CSN Mid-Atlantic

Chris Baker is the best of the bunch, a solid combination of strength, size, and agility. But he probably would be a rotational player on many NFL teams. Most of the rest of the guys are try-hard veterans with great character and solid football IQ. But they struggle to get the job done on a consistent basis. Matt Ioannidis is by far the youngest of the group. The rookie has flashed some ability in limited action but his impact has been very limited.

Redskins Bye Week grades: QB | CSN Mid-Atlantic

How much of the blame for their 40 percent conversion rate in the red zone can be blamed on Cousins? For example, against the Bengals they were 1-4 in the red zone. But one of those possessions ended when Gruden decided to go for it on fourth down and the Bengals stuffed the run. And another ended with Dustin Hopkins’ missed 34-yard field goal, a kick attempted on third down. So they go down as failed red zone trips but the failure can hardly be laid at the feet of the quarterback.

Need to know: Looking ahead at the 2017 Depth Chart | CSN Mid-Atlantic

I know that this news will shock you but the Redskins will have major turnover at safety this coming offseason. I’m not sure that Blackmon will be back but perhaps they keep him to transition over to a safety they get in the draft. Bruton isn’t a sure bet to be back either but he’s a veteran presence, good on special teams, and not very expensive. There may be some changes at the end of the CB depth chart but the top four should be good to go.