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The 5 O’Clock Club

The boys on The Audible bring us this week’s official Redskins after show of Hogs Haven, After the Whistle.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday morning, which means last night was Tuesday night...which means whiskey was consumed in my basement and Redskins football was discussed.

I have to say that this conversation covered a lot of ground, and I tried to frame it up in terms of the most recent articles and comments from this site. There were no Trent Williams-sized dustups over where to play All-Pro left tackles, but there was still some tension when it comes to what our salary cap is going to look like in 2017.

I also make the case that Tony Romo just might help the Redskins in a meaningful way in the last weeks of the season if the Cowboys trot him out onto the field to rest their starters. Finally, we discuss how it must feel for so many Redskins fans to be seeing—for the first time—just what a stable organization looks like. We are on the cusp of a golden era for the Redskins fanbase, and it occurred to me that there is a whole generation that has never witnessed such a sound synergy between the front office and the sideline.

Thanks for listening!