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Something Special: A Long Time Coming

The 1991 Redskins try to break a six-game losing streak against the Giants and then tangle with the 7-1 Houston Oilers.

Mark Rypien

In part four of "Something Special," the Redskins try to break a three-year losing streak against the New York Giants. Then, Washington battles the Houston Oilers as head coach Jack Pardee looks for revenge against his old team.

The Redskins hadn’t beaten the Giants since 1987, and New York was the defending world champion. That didn’t bode well for Washington as they tangled with the Giants opposite Game 7 of the 1991 World Series.

Then, the 7-1 Oilers came to town, coached by former Redskins head man Jack Pardee, who had also been a linebacker for Washington during the George Allen era.

The full episode can be heard here, and prior episodes are linked below the player.

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