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Gif Recap: Redskins Fall 31 - 26 To Cowboys, Via The Other Guys

Against the league’s top ranked team, the Redskins try to prove they are more than just...

Trying to pretend to be interested in this holiday family gathering, instead of the huge game I’m missing

Of course, the obligatory commentator slobbering over Jerruh’s stadium football pyramid.

Dallas has a startlingly easy first scoring drive. Someone suggests to our sideline that we try some “run defense”.

Did we call a time out just in time to ice our own kicker?

...and he misses.

Jordan Reed is hurt?!!!

Duke Ihenacho drops a gift wrapped interception.

Two drives later and another long field goal attempt... missed.

The announcers point out that legit teams don’t trade TDs for FGs.

Halftime. We’re going to come back fighting. We’re going to do this.

Back on a mission, Jordan Reed battles through an a separated AC joint to put our first TD on the board.

Dallas answers back. Now we NEED a TD desperately, and DeSean says it’s his time.

67 yard TD! DeSean is in the end zone like:

What Jay thought he looked like calling for the onside kick.

What it actually looked like.

Cowboys recover.

Fans at home want to...

Jordan Reed valiantly fights for another TD, but it isn’t enough. Maybe a comeback was unlikely. Redskins lose.

Josh Norman

and Dez Bryant

had a few

words for each other.

Scot McCloughan will be giving Kirk whatever he wants to stay here.

HogsHaven writers are telling us not to stress over this one loss,

but they’re right. We’re still firmly in the WC race, and need to worry about winning the next one.